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Anonymous Dana D. said...

I enjoyed reading about the celebration of Mayday's life. I particularly loved all of the gorgeous pictures which made me think that she had a better life then some humans! The thing that I remember most were her different ears, I got such a kick out of that. She brought a smile to anyone she came into contact with. She will be missed and remembered fondly.
With love,
Dana D.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous babs said...

Message to Mayday: I urge you to look for the black lab named J.J. - - he also went to heaven recently and would love to play, run, chase, and do all the doggie things he hasn't been able to do in the last year.

I have heard about you (and Yoshi) from my friend who is a close friend of your Master - and since I lived in Summerland for 25 years I have a good feeling about where you are now. I have two pictures of you on my bulletin board (as my best friend is in them too). Stay happy!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

Thanks, Babs! I'm flattered that we made the bulletin bored! As for J.J. and Mayday, Mayday is a tremdously influential canine, and she's probably convince J.J. that things come to YOU when you act relaxed and casual. She probably talked J.J. into sleeping together somewhere! BTW, I heard wonderful things about J.J., and I'm sorry I never got the privelge to meet him.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

Oops. Misspelled board. Usually I misspell bullitinn

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great working with you at the GMC shoot last week. Glad we were able to get the Golden back home!! That made my day.
Amazing words about Mayday! I feel like I know Mayday through your words. I can tell how much you love her and miss her. Take care my friend. Hope to work with you again soon.
Brian B

8:09 PM  

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